Friday, January 20, 2012

It's been 344 days, thank god it's finally OVER!

From the first interferon shot to the final ribavirin pills I took tonight, treatment has lasted a total of 344 days!! A medical treatment full of harsh drugs, harsh side effects, and a lot of physical and emotional pain. That's 48 shots and 1,720 pills. Not to mention the daily anti-depressents, heartburn medication, endless amounts of ibuprofen or aleve and any other supplements such as multivitamins, iron pills, etc. The most trying eleven months of my entire life, hands down. I can't believe it's over!! I blood work done and see my specialist on Monday at 3pm. Assuming he tells me my results still look good I won't see him again for approximately 6 months. what a life changing event that is taking place. When I wake up in the morning I no longer have to think about treatment. I have to remember to ask the doctor how quickly he thinks the fatigue will start to subside if there is one side effect that has kicked my ass more than any that would be it. I would love to get on a regular sleeping schedule, go to the gym regularly and be able to work again! I look forward to returning to some form of normal life within the next couple of weeks to a month. On that note I can barely keep my eyes open and my body is sore and tired so I'm headed to bed... more after the doctor's visit on Monday!

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  1. My admiration of you, and glee for you, are flapping their wings excitedly in my heart!